Wednesday, August 19, 2015

F is for Finally


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F is for 
It seems my life  for the past  few months has been in a holding pattern...  partly   in a state of   mental and physical   dread, and partly in  an  expectant joy....  those  two  in constant  conflict...   but   finally,  things  have  come to fruition!
About   six months ago, I  made for  better or worse, the  decision to take myself off of  Nexium.. a drug that I had   been on for over  12 years and   I was feeling that    it was   causing me some  serious side effects. My  family doctor agreed and   told me a few  things to do in its place... but nothing over the counter I  spent  hundreds of dollars  at Nature's Outlet  buying  all kinds of enzymes and supplements  that   seemed to mask  symptoms, but the  pain and   difficulty swallowing   recurred... it was a roller coaster of   feeling better then  feeling much worse!
I went to  the  ENT doctor who  originally  put me on the  drug, but  was told  I should  just see  a gastroenterologist...
Not exactly  what I wanted to hear.....  I was flooded with images of the last time  when I woke up  in the middle of my esophageal that moment  things started going downhill...  my original    G.I. Dr.  had retired and  a new one was sure to  expect another  procedure!
dread.....fear.... clinked  teeth....  gnawing  insides....  
You know it isn't  that  bad,  but  internally,   the body just  rejects the whole thing, and revolts!
So that goes on for six months only to be  intensified  when the   Dr  says,  well,you should never have stopped a medication that was working for you..  With all that  roller coaster  treatments   you  may very well have become ulcerated  with precancerous  lesions! We will need to  go in and take a look!
And then, on the other hand:
We have lived in this house  for 27 years....  and  finally we have the  resources to make  the improvements  to  the kitchen and bathroom that we have  always wanted to do...
So here is Lynn   working  over the dishes    last  year after  a dinner party  one Sunday afternoon... kitchen is  very vintage 1930's  English Tudor  ~  in need of   a major overhaul! 
So in May we  met with our  contractors  who  worked on giving us   updated cabinets  to  fit our  base   cabinet structure...  but also   others were  reconfigured to give us more  than those two  pitiful drawers , plus  the  facing wall behind Lynn  was  without any cabinetry. and that was  completely reworked!  By   late June the cabinets were installed and by  middle   July the granite  was  in place.. then we went on a much needed 2 week vacation...  mind you my  whole downstairs was in disarray.....
So  then it was August... and Lynn started  painting the cabinets....
 by now I  am  rather
  but expectant!  Boy, have I ever been expectant!
Finally,  today was the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning at 8:30 I had my procedure.. it took all of 20 minutes and  I literally  didnt  ever  actually know  when I  went under,  I was remembering  just saying,  "you mean it's over!?!" I promised I wouldnt post the photos, but  it went  wonderfully! 
  Yeah, I still have to be on Nexium, forever!  Because, it keeps me  well! OK, I get that and Im  great with it!    FANTASTIC!
No more dread... fear,  and hopefully  clinched teeth...!
here is my new kitchen..

lookin good,  yea?
well,  yeah,  a little  blue tape  still to be removed....
oh, and the  other wall  needs a bit of fixing!
 The  doors  still  lie in wait on the dining table!
But finally still    sounds  pretty  daggone good ....  the important things  are  finally  resolved and  I can  be  a little more patient..  maybe  by the time we get to P    I won't have to  write about patient,  but   maybe,  finally, pleased as punch!


  1. Wow! You really have been through the ringer. I'm so glad you are over the fear and dread. The kitchen is looking fabulous!

  2. The kitchen looks fab! Sorry about your health problems, I am glad everything is resolved now.

  3. Sometimes tough situations kind of entrap us...but then that moment when things eventually settle down gives a sense of calm... Also the kitchen makeover is good! :)

  4. They advertise Nexium and other brand Rx like magic bullets. Glad you could be off it.


  5. Ah, I misread your piece. Well, hope it all works out for you with the meds.

  6. IN my heart of hearts I dont wnat to be on the drug at all.... but I trust my Dr. and I find my joy in knowing that I didnt do anything by going off the stuff that could have sent my health done the tubes,,, since I am one of those whose reflux must be controlled medically... I have friends who went off of it onto other less potent drugs with no issues, but I cannot, and so I settle on the sense that that is my normal... and live there! But thanks so much for the well wishes... Blessings !

  7. Fantastic that the test is over and you did so good!!! I've been on a drug for years for reflux--keeps me well. Fantastic new kitchen, a new kitchen just makes a person feel good about their home. Happy for all your results.

  8. I like your upbeatness through all the dread and stress with your health and the making of a new beautiful kitchen. Best wishes to you.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  9. Firstly my apologies for a late comment, i have been far to busy repairing my blog after a moval from one host to another... and taking care of other things that needed to be taken care of since my husband and i have health issues at the same time.

    What a story.. mix from horror to glorie. I know all about what Nexium and other chemical garbage can do to a human beeing, how it effects one pleasure in life. I hope so gett wel soon and stay that way forever, i will pray for it.

    And your kitchen is gorgious, wishing you lots of fun and luck with it

    have a nice weekend

    Melody (abc-w-team)


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