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The Patriot House Near Hershey, PA

I  am   going ahead of myself here to share about  our  return trip home from   Amanda's.. as I noted in the previous post, we got to  add a day to our itinerary since we were not travelling   so far on our  first day....  from the coast...  we  adjusted  our stay and   Amanda found us a  great  B &B about halfway in Annville, PA...right outside of Hershey Pa... There are so many wonderful PA  sites to see about  halfway  along our trek to visit the kids...  and  I had promised some friends we'd stop at  Chocolate World
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 and bring home  some  chocolate treats .. although I had never been there in midsummer before and  wasnt exactly  expecting  a MADHOUSE... I was  afraid Id never see Lynn again once  the   myriad 
crowds devoured me!  
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I'm talking thousands of   revellers  amid  aisle after aisle of   displays of  every   kind of     chocolate  delights!
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 Finally, I found the   one special order from Lynn's cousin, Marnee...
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And thankfully,  Lynn  soon thereafter, found me!!!
 Yahoo!  we could   get back to our fabulous B&B   enjoy the good life!
 We  stayed in the Patriot House , in a  delightful small town   outside of Harrisburg, PA.  Loved it!

Situated on a  corner  on Main Street, it  lies right on the  edge of Amish country within a short drive of Lancaster  and only minutes away from Hershey theme park.... the house was  built in 1870  and retains   it's    Victorian charm, yet, the rooms    are  exquisite while  providing all the modern   comforts.
we stayed in the Constitution Room on the   ground floor  and had our own   separate  entrance to the back porch and garden area.....  loved that... next I want to take my coffee there!!!
 First, of all,  the Innkeeper, Amber,   introduced us to the inn  starting in the music room..    well  appointed with  entertainments and stocked with goodies!!!

 With the flash the   true colors  reveal  a  rosy room  just waiting for  someone  to  share their   talent and   while away  a melodious hour or two!
I  love this    vignette....  I so wished  our virtuoso, Amanda  was there to  share a lilting  tune on the violin!

 The parlor  was ready for  anyone with reading or viewing on their mind...
 A glimpse of the dining room in passing
 and the  morning  breakfast room  ... my favorite room!!!!!
 Our table was  set in a private corner   by a  side porch  doorway...   our view was   so   lovely   whether  toward the room,
or  out the set of double doors to the porch!

Ah,   and then there was  breakfast..  french toast souffle'....  uh... yummm!

Our room was    perfect....   the bed,  royally   outfitted.. the mattress was   perfection.....
 I wanted to dismantle this bathroom and bring it home with me....  just exactly how I  want to redo mine downstairs...

Just one step outside of our garden door     to this magnificent  pergola....

That path led to off street parking  at the back of the property...
 beautiful  gardens   throughout the yard
 multiple seating areas  under the     pergola and   around the   huge  yard...   we just  need to have more hours to  enjoy  the  amenities...
  We told Amber we would definitely be back.. it is so  central   to   every  attraction and almost  exactly halfway  to our kids!
 I am sharing  this post here

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  1. Wow- the Patriot Inn looks great. So glad the flowers were in bloom and the gardens well kept! Sounds like you've got a favorite room now, as well- hooray!

    Love you!


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