Thursday, August 27, 2015

Loving the Change

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I am so  very excited because   Lynn has been  painting on the kitchen  poor things   with  so many interruptions since the first of June.. Painting raw wood cabinets require so much prep...  sanding,   wiping down,  priming,  letting that dry really well, then the   first coat,,,   sanding   wiping   second coat.. letting that dry well.. then  rehanging! When there are  a lot to do  plus,  all of these  interruptions... taking  me to  hospital..( nothing too bad),  a 2 week vacation...  and  various   and sundry  short errands in between....  it seems like it's been forever!
  But I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel...  the  final coat this morning  on  the upper cabinet doors above my desk area...  with the  exception of one door  that  has to be returned because it  was  warped!  Then  he will only have the  crown molding second coat and   the   doors in and out of the kitchen,  but  those may ahve to wait  for a while .
 Then it will be  hanging of the new fan and new lights  AYAYAYAYAY!
We ahve  our  kids coming  Labor day weekend and I want the kitchen looking  all but done by then, surely!!!!!!

I am loving  my granite  counter tops....  so   shiny and    beautiful

so much fun to  actually  decorate   them   and Im much better  about keeping them cleaned off ...yayayaya
 Loving my new  fridge and  dishwasher...   dont know when I will swap out the  range...    but I can live with it a while....  I just want the lights and fan installed  as soon as possible ....
 Besides we are celebrating Birdies 2nd birthday with  our  bestest friends here  in  10 days!!!!!!!!!
 Oh, did I mention the rest of the downstairs  has been and is in a  bit of disarray...   Schotzy  needs to get busy herself!

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  1. ah the shutters look amazing!!! fun fun fun.

    love you!


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