Monday, August 10, 2015

End of Summer Glory...

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A Return to Loveliness
Alright I know there are   loads of folks who  would disagree with me,  but as  a retired school teacher ,  when  school  starts in  the "fall"  summer is over...  I mean  by now I would have  cut out  loads of red  apples  out of construction paper for Johnny Appleseed activities, and  would have my  "fallish" letters  prepared to welcome my third graders back to school.  My house would already be decked out in  autumnal   glory....  so  forgive me for rushing the season,, and  getting a  few  glorious  arrangements together! Besides, Im truly sick of the hot humidity and  dog days  that  never seem to end.  I figure a little bit of help  wouldnt hurt!
Last week I posted  how  I was  hungry for  sunflowers....  and yesterday I found some  luscious ones at the new  consignment shop across town...Willow Tree Antiques and Primitives...

The primitives really  spoke to me... I will be back to   spend more time   in those booths

So  even though most of the down stairs  is  a flutter of   re-no activity.. the living now  has  a  glorious pop... heralding the coming season!!!!
I posted earlier that    I  would be  organizing and  cleaning out closets  today and  I found  a tote bag  filled with amazing treasures...  things   from  Mom's  effects  that I had  stashed  aside until  another day.... one thing  that she had  with her  in the nursing home was  this   great photo of her mom and dad. my grandma and grandpa Cox.  They were resting  after doing some   vegetable gathering  on mom's  bench  that  divided their garden from her yard..a little worse  from wear...   but  what inspiration to  live well,    serve God, and strive for loveliness in life!  I know  how the loving hands   that gripped this photo, perhaps  tears  of emotion,  life's  tender moments  that leave behind  mars and    soiled spots...  but I wouldnt trade  them all for  the finest  frame  money can buy!

it feels good just to have  something  done    to enliven the space....
  to accent the sunflowers  on the mantel now  I   have incorporated the new ones into the hydrangea  vase..

 Well, now!  I feel like I  can endure  a bit of painting and  card tables set up in the  sunroom with   drop cloths and  tools lying about   because I  have  one space where I can  anticipate   the coming of my favorite  season  and all of it's glory!

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