Friday, August 21, 2015

Some Irish Blues

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This morning, I am    longing for  the memories we made in April when we toured Ireland...
 The   allure of King John's Castle on the banks of  River Shannon in Limerick.
The stalwart  mass of the  fortress   juxtaposed  beside the gentle curves of the  stone  bridge..
against and reflected in the   delicate blue  sky and waters! and  
 The  husband   taking aim  at the  great Atlantic way  along the Kerry coastline.. the  rolling  range of mountains  silhouetted  against  a  deeper  blue.
And then  hubby carefully  climbing    to the crest of  the   unique  rock formations of the  Giant's causeway  north of  Belfast....  The  April  tides  crashing on the  other side  of this  northern coast.. 
all under  a  blue-gray  environment of  mist and spray!


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  1. so pretty and love the pics of dad-- so adventurous!!!!

    love you,


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