Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sunroom Countdown... or Playing the Waiting Game

I am joining Richella   this morning    to share  about   how  we make   our home places of grace.
Sometimes , especially this summer with  our kitchen re-no...  I cook and we   just take our plate  in the den and watch  the news,  or   out on the porch if  the weather  is  nicer,   but I am really missing  the  graceful part of life...   when  my dining room tables were not covered with  kitchen paraphernalia or   drying cabinet doors...   a graceful time when  I set  a lovely  table in the sunroom;
 photo IMG_0104_zpsa05df99c.jpg
like this one..   my favorite  September   table because if it was  September for thirty years of my life,  I was teaching a unit on Johnny Appleseed!
 photo IMG_0106_zps484009ad.jpg

Or   something like on a  patriotic  day like Flag Day!
 photo 2013-06-30222321_zps9fa1fb92.jpg

 photo 2012-10-22225629_zps225f914b.jpg
Or an autumn day  because  I was in a red mood!

Many summer  birthdays   spent  around the sunroom table.
 photo IMG_4348.jpg

 photo July2012065.jpg

I am missing my sunroom....   I havent  really had access to it  since   the  first of June when this Kitchen  re-no started and the table was  filled with   pantry items....  now   it is a   cabinet door trying  facility....   and   I will admit   it is worth it all... I am loving     the new kitchen,  but  there is  still much to do before I  reclaim this room!

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