Wednesday, August 26, 2015

G is for Girl


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                                  G is for Girls.

When we adopted our one and only child I couldnt resist  requesting a little   girl!
We both were thinking  little  tutus and  dancing slippers…   curls and    ruffles….sure my  husband    would have liked a boy to play ball with,  but  in all actuality   he got more   ball and I got much less  ruffles..

 Yes, our little  girl was a  huge  tomboy....  didnt like dolls, couldnt stand cute girlly dresses  and   black patent leather shoes..  She  didnt  make friends easily with little girls on the playground because she was always standing in the kickball line up, and  hankering to get on the soccer team which she did in Middle School.. then it was the tennis team, the volleyball team, and the softball team..All of her doll babies still look brand new which is a good thing because now she has a little 
 girl who really is a little girl!
( Birdie in her tutu )
This has really saved me quite a bit of money as a 


I have plenty of   gently used  ruffly dresses and   

baby dolls too for two little girls.

Which is great because  come December I will  have 

 two little  granddaughters!  And,  especially, I win 

again because  it is wonderful to see my 

baby girl  playing with, I mean being momma

 to her little one!


  1. What a wonderful entry, full of love for anadorable girl!

    Have a nice day and be blessed!

    Melody (abc-w-team)

  2. Girls are special for sure, no matter tomboy or not. What a darling granddaughter.

  3. haha, t is for tu-tu!

    love you,

  4. haha, t is for tu-tu!

    love you,


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