Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hamantashen and Tea for One

In preparation for Passover I have been baking the most amazing morsels of tastiness which I discovered at the final lesson of our Bible study on Esther by Beth Moore. She provided this recipe for
Hamantashen or Haman’s Ears.

2 sticks of butter softened
2 cups of sugar
2 large eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
4 tsp. baking powder
4 cups wheat or white all purpose flour
Filling see note below

1. Cut butter into the sugar. Blend thoroughly. Add eggs, vanilla, and blend thoroughly.

Add flour and baking powder, ½ cup at a time blending each thoroughly!
2. Put in refrigerator for a few hours.
3. Roll out about ¼ inch thickness and cut about 3in in diameter circles. Used a drinking glass.

4. Put a tablespoon of filling (I used almond but it could be apricot, poppy seed, prune, etc. found in the baking section of your grocer. I love the almond!) in the center of each circle. Fold up and slightly over on 3 sides to make like a small tricorn hat shape. Crimp the corners a little with your fingers to seal. You want some of the filling to show.

5. Bake at 375 for about 10-15 minutes.
6. Yields 36 cookies. I halved the recipe for my Passover Seder dessert.

And now to my special time today just for me!
o this afternoon after a busy morning of baking and house cleaning, what a delight to sit down to a cosy cup of Highland Honey Rubioos Red Tea and sample my freshly baked Hamantashen.
UMMMMM! afternoon delight for one! Of course, I do have my precious Easter card I just received from my card pal, Gina Of Simply Heart at Home to keep me company.
And what better time to peruse a tantalizing book on loan to me by a special prayer team member and friend, Lois, Angels on Assignment, by Charles Frances Hunter.
As if that couldnt keep my attention while I nibble there lie my binoculars to do a bit of bird watching this afternoon.
You cant really see it well in the phto but my bluebird house is occupied and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of an easter egg! I took this photo today.
Excuse me now while I nibble!
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  1. Hello! What a beautiful tea today! I LOVE the recipe you shared and am anxious to try it this weekend. I love that you are making a moment in your day to bring beauty and peace into your home and life! :) Can't wait to see you next week! And thank you for joining in! :)

  2. Those look DELICIOUS and BIG! Josh will LOVE them- pretty much anything with fruit filling. I will (1/2 the recipe) and try them soon. Is all-purpose flour ok?

    Love you,

  3. Your home looks lovely, and your Passover cookies delicious. How nice to set up a special afternoon tea all for yourself!

  4. Great photos - thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi!
    Love your teapot! That's really cute! Those cookies look really yummy! Have a great week end!



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