Monday, April 6, 2009

The Simple Woman Daybook

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For Today...April 6, 2009
Outside my window... a full moon is shining brightly in a partly cloudy sky. A brisk wind is ushering in the theet of snow tonight.
I am thinking... how strange to be posting this at 9:30 pm. I received a call this morning to sub in fourth grade in my old room. I couldnt pass it up... well, actually, I couldn't pass up the day. I need 6 1/2 more days to finish my retirement package deal for this school year. I hate to leave that money on the table, especially in this economy. I have to sy though I am glad to only have one more year of subbing to go. I am thankful for the opportunity, but it gets more difficult every year!
I am thankful for... my wonderful husband who treated me to dinner out tonight at Bellacino's! He then honored my each request... grocery shopping as well as a stop at Barnes and Noble to purchase yet again 2 more cd's. He'll fuss at me at some time in the future," Why do you have to have so many," yet tonight he didnt say a word when I just had to have 2 Chris Botti cd's to add to my collection! That is sweet, I think!
From the kitchen... nothing today... but I am deep in the throes of planning a family seder (Passover meal) for Friday
I am wearing... navy slacks, yellow short sleeve ribbed turtle neck and tennis shoes with navy socks. My school garb!
I am reading... the haggadah I printed off to share during the much to read, so much to do! I am mesmerized by it all, but am thrilled to connect with my Hebrew heritage... for as a Christian I m no longer gentile, but grafted in to the line of David! Praise the Lord!
I am hoping... for a nice day tomorrow after all, aw I have allergy testing in the morin g which will probably take all morning.
I am creating... an attitude of obedience and submission to God's wprd in preparation this week. One thing I will start tomorrow is a thorough cleaning of the house to remove the leaven, not only in the pantry but then "leaven" that collects in every room, if you get my drift.
I am hearing... beautiful praise music from my blog.
Around the house...
aside from what I have already shared I have a mess to take care of in the laundry room! I inadvertantly dried a tube of lipstick in a jacket pocket and a whole load of my light colored good clothes is marked with the stuff. I am soaking the wash in gojo and will try to wash it again tomorrow. Yikes! All my good khaki slacks, , best blouses, and favored robe! BUMMER!
One of my favorite things... blogging....absolutely!
A few plans for the rest of the week... allergy testing, Bible study, house cleaning, laundry reclamation, another Bible Study, weight watcher's meeting, seder, to name a few things! Busy week!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
This is my very first attempt at card Easter card I made and sent to Amanda . I have a lot to learn! But it was fun!!


  1. Looking forward to getting my card! I hope your allergy testing goes well- I pray that they'll find each and every critter you're allergic to and be able to change up your treatments as needed. Glad to hear you got a surprise day of subbing in- hopefully the kids were in good spirits after the weekend!

    Love you,

  2. I have always wondered what it would be like to be a teacher. I can imagine it could be quite a fulfilling job to have. Good job on the Easter card!


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