Wednesday, April 1, 2009



This morning as I was inspecting my bluebird house it was so precious to see the beautiful male and female presiding over their domain. Just as an inquisitive blackbird was poking around the house, the fearsome duo attacked from two directions driving the prospective invader away. This bluebird couple is definitely demonstrating their ownership of their newfound home and hopefully are ready to establish a family within their newly formed nest. I inspected it today. Exquisitely fashioned of clean neatly ordered pine needles, its base softly hollowed out ready for its treasured deposit. I hope their will be eggs very soon. Soon afterward the female pleasantly roosted atop her home as her mate situated on the ground defended from below.
So I am officially part the
As of yesterday we have 14 sites reporting:
5 nests
1 nest with 2 eggs and another nest with 3 eggs
I will be checking my nest again early next week and I pray there will be eggs!


  1. How glorious!! That is so exciting! :)

  2. Just wonderful Schotzy!! How lucky you are!

  3. I saw a suet feeder today and thought of you. Glad to hear you have a happy couple taking advantage of your hospitality! :)

    Love you!


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