Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wings of Eagles Celebrates it's First Year

One whole year of blogging.... has been a wonderful adventure to me. I love blogging! It has broadened my horizons in so many ways. I have met so many wonderful friends, far and near! It has been a fantastic way to learn more about myself and the world. I love to share in the many memes that so many have created that gives opportunity to write, which I love to do, to create, to worship God and for my own self improvement.
This is my 646th post. I have had 13,582 visits from all over the world, many who follow often who have become very special to me. This just astounds and honors me so much. I have met such dear friends here whose visits bless me to the core of my being.
Stacey in Scotland, whom, if you visit you know I am CRAZY about Scotland and it is my deepest desire to travel there some day!! It tickles my socks off to call her friend. Then there is Marie in Manchester, UK who amazes me ..she is so busy in her life working, cooking up the most fabulous food, creating the most darling art, yet still has time to visit my site often! I am astounded! Also, there is dearest Emily, half a continent away, again a precious friend, who inspires me beyond belief with her homemaking, sewing, entertaining, organization, mothering, creating, yet she has encouraged me almost daily with her sweet visits. She has opened my mind up to new authors and wonderful books in our reading group activities!
And there are so many more sweet ladies who have visited me regularly, Gina, who is now my card pal which blesses me so much! Miss Janice whom I would love to actually visit someday and sit down over a lovely cup of tea, Becky whose visits never fail to encourage, Lisa Ann who inspires me, Roberta whose daily visits bless me so much. Karen, whose creativity blows my socks off! And the list goes on and on! Suffice it to say blogging has been just about the very best endeavor I have ever undertaken and I pray that in some small way those who visit here are touched in their spirit. For it is my deepest wish to allow Godlight to shine through every post! Thanks so much for your visit today and everyday! God bless you !
PS: If I named you above and you read this please comment below and I would then love for you to email me your address and I would like to send you a token of my appreciation.
Also, if you comment on this post your name will go into a drawing for a gift of appreciation for blessing me on this special day!


  1. Hi Carolyn! CONGRATULATIONS on your One-Year Blog Anniversary!! How exciting. I really enjoy blogging, too. It has been so wonderful to meet people all around the world, and make special friends. Your blog is always so uplifting, and full of the Light of Christ. I enjoy visiting it so much. May God bless you this Holy Week and Easter season, and always!
    Cheers! :-) Stacey

  2. Oh you are too sweet! Congrats on your one year anniversary in the blog world! I agree with you, I feel my life has been richly blessed through our friendship! :) I have found the dearest and most kindred of friends through blogs. I will email you ~ Thank you for your friendship! :)


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