Monday, April 13, 2009

My New Little Friend

Has a name! I posted about lambkin yesterday and asked Amanda to name him. Now amanda just adores another lamb we know named RoseBud, but she couldn't use that name, although what a perfect name! So along that same theme, I would like to introduce.....
Dogwood! Of course, I know I will shorten this to my favorite Scottish singer's name Doogie, (Dougie MacLean) for short.
BTW, Lynn's middle name, Douglas, is often shortened to Doogie as well, so, ....
Doogie (Dogwood) it is!
Now to see if I can take back my computer from the little scamp! AW!! But he's so cute!


  1. Well Hello Doogie!

    I love to see where people "computer"!

    Have A Marvelous Monday
    from Roberta Anne
    "The Raggedy Girl"

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    HAPPY EASTERTIDE to you and yours! I have been perusing all your posts from the last couple of days. Your blog is lovely, with the new background, and I love the music, as always! AND...Hello to Dogwood! Rosebud would have shared his name, I'm sure, but Dogwood is wonderful, too, especially since the dogwood has special meaning for the Believer! Rosebud has been enjoying the spring weather, and running with this year's lambs. Silly lamby! Your Easter sounds fabulous. We had a lovely one, too... it being the first truly celebratory Easter Ian has ever had, since this is such a faithless society. I will post about it on my blog. And happy birthday to your mother! Have a blessed and joy-filled week. He Is Risen Indeed!

  3. OH! So cute!! I love lambs! And the name is just perfect!


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