Friday, April 10, 2009

Here's a breathtaking picture fitting for Good Friday
"The NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of NGC 7049, a mysterious looking galaxy on the border between spiral and elliptical galaxies. The swirling rings of dust lanes around its ancient core has been dubbed the "Crown of Thorns." (Photo Credit: NASA, ESA and W. Harris McMaster University, Ontario, Canada) According to the European Space Agency, NGC 7049 is found in the constellation of Indus, and is the brightest of a cluster of galaxies, a so-called Brightest Cluster Galaxy (BCG). Typical BCGs are some of the oldest and most massive galaxies. They provide excellent opportunities for astronomers to study the elusive globular clusters lurking within.
The image was taken by the Advanced Camera for Surveys on Hubble, which is optimized to hunt for galaxies and galaxy clusters "in the remote and ancient Universe."
For the whole article click here.

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