Friday, February 5, 2010

The Lull in the Night

About 4 pm this evening the storm subsided as the precipitation turned to sleet and the accumulations came to a halt... Lynn took advantage of that time to do a bit of shoveling and then a grand idea took him over. He donned his summer landscaper's hat and decided to drag out the grill and cook up a batch of savory burgers.. I wish you could have seen the steam... oh they were tasty indeed!!!

So as of 6pm when I was locking up the back door I was romanced by the play of light upon the quiet scene.

As darkness descends and the temps fall the snow will redevelop bringing another several inches of snow. No church again this week... more cabin fever in the offing... but certainly time for other wonderfully satisfying endeavors one might not have thought of before... I thank the Lord for this gift of time, reflection, remembrance, and revelation.

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  1. Oh, I'm LOVING that light in the window glowing over the snow photo. You guys have REALLY had the snow this year!

    We have also been known to grill in the snow - - - but it's been a while since we tried it.


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