Monday, February 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... from Carolyn's Daybook

Outside my window... After all the radiant sun yesterday pavements everywhere were completely wet with melted snow... We still have over 10 inches on the ground but with temps in the low twenties I am sure the black ice is threatening everything daring enough to venture out this morning. Schools are running 2 hours late and so am I!

I am thinking... when will this snowy pattern relent and give way to more temperate weather..according to weather underground we will receive a moderate snow/ice event on Tuesday...inclement weather all day and into Wednesday.... looks like no exercise class or Bible study again this week!! The weatherman says there will be another one behind this one!

I am thankful for... a good Lord who knows so much better what we need and how to provide for us.... for in the weather, our situations and circumstances, He is in complete control and He only has our ultimate good in mind for us... we may not understand but it isnt for us to , but to faithfully believe and come along beside Him is His work as we are willing and able!

I am velvet pants and sweater set.. nice and snuggly!

I am remembering...I need to send out a couple of sympathy cards today...

I am going... to be continuing my quest for information about the UK.. I am thankful for the internet... so many connections and opportunities to locate information and fill in the gaps. Plus, other wonderful opportunities to network with such friendly and caring people that I have met online in Brora ,Scotland, and Manchester and Sheffield, England.

I am currently reading...
All Creatures Great and Small, by
James Herriot
Begin With Christ, Bible Study
A Country Affair, by Rebecca Shaw (Life in North Yorkshire)
If you havent guessed it yet, I am completetly mesmerized by Yorkshire right now!

I am hoping...that the next 18 days go by swiftly then that for 3 days the clock will completely stop.. Amanda will be here for a short visit.... YAYAY!!!

On my mind...this is definitely the week that I actually drag out the oils and canvases and put paint to brush and begin a new project.. No more procrastination!!!

Noticing that... The blessings of the Lord come upon me so unexpectedly and with such wonderfully creative and profound ways it fair takes my breath away! What a wonderful Father He is!!!

Pondering these words...
All Creatures Great and Smalll, chapter 4 page 25....
In the summer dusk, a wild panorama of tumbling fells and peaks rolled away and lost itself in the crimson and gold ribbons of the western sky......."Yes, one of the wildest spots in England . A fearsome place in winter. ".....Nothing stirred in the vastness, but a curlew cried faintly and I could just hear the distant roar of the torrent a thousand feet below.
James Herriot
Such marvelous descriptions liberally sprinkled throughout the manuscript.... one cannot help but linger over the landscape with something akin to reverence for its charms and beauty!

From the kitchen...roasted chicken with winter veggies!

Around the house...perhaps one more load of towels... they are in never ending supply.

One of my favorite things~anticipating and planning for special times with friends and family!

From my picture journal...
I actually had to research and find this snippet of clipart on the curlew.. a bird completely unknown to me.. native to Europe... now to see f I can find its call which I imagine will be very distinctive and beautiful!
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  1. Hello and greetings from the UK - Scotland infact. We have all of the All Creatures great and small videos that the BBC made of James Herriot books - I still prefer the books and many years ago read some of them.

    Along with Little House on the Praire and The Waltons etc they are programmes I have brought my own children up watching rather than some of the stuff these days on TV. Not sure if the comment about learning more about the UK was from the daybook or from you personally but please feel free to visit my blog as there is lots to do with nature and flowers and history on it.

  2. What a beautiful blog! I so enjoyed my first visit and wish for you a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    The curlew... yes, we have lots of those. There are times in the year when their cry is all over the place. And it is a really unique sound. When we were in Orkney, we heard it a lot. We are headed back to Orkney for a week at our anniversary, and I am anticipating the cry of the curlew all week long, into the wee hours of the morning, when the sun barely sets. When you and Lynn come to visit us (!!!) you will be able to see and hear these guys!

    Love, Stacey <><


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