Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the Moors of Haworth


One day you are happily ensconsed in the everyday events of life... you know the myriad things that drive a day where minutes turn into hours and whole days pass you by with nothing really to hang your hat on... and then suddenly inspiration comes from the most untoward places... maybe a chance comment spoken.... a chance meeting.. whatever it might be.... and the next thing you know, you become completely engaged in a renewed interest... a simple side step into a new dimension of an well weathered friendly idea of yore that had simply passed into the oblivion of days. It fairly enchants me to resume the daydream.. to dive into that realm of fact/fiction that begins and ends in my quest for knowledge about my beloved ancestral lands. Today inspiration grabbed my intense interest through the memories of classic literature... the gothic mysteries revealed through writings of the sisters Bronte~ the desolate moors of Haworth pictured above so resplendent in scented heather and grandeur, belie the windswept lonely heath so described in Charlotte's haunting tale.. The simplistic remoteness of the landscape speaks to me of peace, tranquility and complete rest... heaven on earth..nothing dark and foreboding... perhaps though to live there.... to experience the howling nature of the winds... the ageless wind that has seen so much, so many, over such a varied past... therein may lie the mystery of the moor.... these and so many wonders are for me, to be discovered.... so much to learn... so little time!

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  1. Very pretty! Glad all your pictures are up and working again!

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