Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Symphony Last Night

was astounding. Entitled Romantic Getaway to the Scenic Country. it featured DAVID STEWART WILEY Music Director & Conductor and soloist,and Tavit Tashjian on piano. The program opened with Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 , F Major "Pastorale". The orchestra seemed in rare form with this beautiful piece which seemed to bring to life the natural scenes of a babbling brook,singing birds, then culminating in a mighty storm. But the real piece de'resistance' was the Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor featuring the most gifted pianist I have ever heard in concert!
At only 23 years of age he is a recent winner of the Ann Walling Piano Competition.... which so brought me back to one of my favorite films, "The Competition" starring Richard Dreyfus and Amy Irving. I love the dynamic of that film, the glorious music in performance, and passion of the artists! Seeing this same passion in last night's performer roused the whole auditorium. As the last note faded into the heavens the whole audience rose to their feet in ovation and resounding "Bravos" several of which I added to the fray! It was stupendous! The piece is the introductory song on my blog currently but sad to say as the actual piece is 50 minutes long this is just a minute taste of the rapture that follows that is not included in the upload! And to see it performed was sublime! I might add that our seats at the Shaftman Hall were probably best in the house.. front row balcony... to be able to watch his hands in action made it all the better. To borrow words from the program,"
Tavit has been described as “having a very particular gift, possessing impressive technique and a colorful sound with a beautiful cantabile.” Tavit is already receiving numerous accolades and his performances have been noted to be “brilliant” and “energetic and virtuosic”. I couldnt have said it better! HEEHEE!!
I must also mention the orchestra,, as the grand finale was advancing to a close Conductor, David Wiley, always theatrical and totally engaged in the moment, drove the various sections into a powerfully rousing crescendo of emotion, the air became electrified and the I am sure hearts around the hall melted with the intensity of feeling... I cried with the glory of it... I have already used all the words I can think of to describe it... I dont want to be redundant, but it totally

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