Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It is always enticing for me to review the known facts of my lineage and origins... to begin one line of the Cox family originated in Drayton, Berkshire dating back to 1675.

Another branch of the family (Cox) hails from Gloucestershire,England circa 1657

.. The Baugess line from England circa 1753... The Higgins and McCarthy lines from Waterford, Ireland, 1755, 1770. The Mitchell line from Derry County Northern Ireland, circa 1682, and the Blairs from Scotland circa 1740s as well as the Lindsey's from Scotland there abouts the same..... Now with all this British blood circulating within me it is no wonder I walk with a jig, tell a tale tale, dream about the moors, and choose to tarry upon the stile..ummmm!

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  1. Berkshire is my neck of the woods! (almost!)


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