Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three or More Tuesday

Now see there I go again! Let me have a nice quiet snowed in cabin fever kind of existence and wham bang I start getting all kinds of ideas. When I was clearing out some old magazines I just happened to run across the Old Durham Road, English Living catalog.... Of course, I had to go online and just see what they might have on sale at this time.. and wouldn't you know I'd find some things I simply can not live without...
What self proclaimed china aficionado can not be tempted my this sweet pattern... especially if said dish connoisseur is longing for spring!
and I already have green glasses, to boot... I mean , these are a given....right?
What about this nickel manor tray.... nickel.... no tarnishing... and so dainty and sweet... perfect for that next tea party....right?

And well, anyone who knows me, knows I am caught up in the Olde World in every way that counts... this Sir Francis Drake table is calling to me from across the centuries.... mustnt I answer in the affirmative.....right?

"Dearest.... what did you have in mind for my valentine's present this year!!!"
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  1. Ohhhhhhhh! I love those bunny plates!!! So sweet. Love the color too. What neat finds. Hope you get one for Valentines.....Maybe??!


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