Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Table Top Tuesday

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Sitting at the table this morning I happened to spy the sideboard  and thought to myself  how  nice to  be looking so minimal.....   that is  not a word that would naturally characterize my style....   but I love it this morning!

 Upon closer inspection
I like the   simplicity of items  yet they each carry with them a story  that  compliments  our family..
I love my tea chest and tea pot in pewter  that   accents the  pewter service used in the table scape  in  the below post....  Im ever ready for impromptu teatime!!!
  and the  simple collection on the left    brings together  a bit of who we are ... art of the  family of God  as well as  a bit Irish lore thrown in for good measure!
The greens in the   blue and white pot accent the paperwhites in the  Chinese  vessel on the table.Simple, yet meaningful.....  a good attitude for this new year!

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  1. i like this look! simple and fresh :)

    love you and hope you're having a restful weekend- we're fine, but snowbound!



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