Monday, January 16, 2012

Diary of 5


I am Gratitude Journal opened to item 44.... that makes about 3 items per day since the beginning of the year....   but  I  want to  be even more  grateful to the lord's  presence and work in my life....   so  that number  will  grow this week.

I am hearing...sleet beating against the windowpane this evening

I am smelling... the scent  of roast barbecued chicken  that adorned my salad  this evening for supper

I tasted...  then  crispness of the greens of the salad  along with the sweetness of the sliced red pepper  drizzled with the delightful aromatic dressing  we purchased from Jamison's Orchard  last month.

I am relieved that  the faxed paperwork we  submitted  over the weekend has been received and is being reviewed

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