Monday, January 16, 2012

Marriage Monday


I am excited about this new meme, Marriage Monday,  created by Chrysalis seems  this  appears  every first and third Monday and this week  is  something a bit new and different.

Today, let's get re-acquainted as women—without spilling any ink about our marriages. This week, boys are not allowed!

The prompts listed below are designed to help us to get to know you as a unique daughter of God. Please complete the sentences (as I have), post your piece on your blog, and then come back here to link up.

Think of your post as a quick pencil sketch of your current life. The faster you write it the better!

I am… awe of the goodness of our God

I want….. develop to my full potential as a daughter of the King

I have….. to make the most of each new day

I wish….. I had more boldness in the area of sharing the Good News with people I know who need the gospel in their lives

I hate….. deceitfulness

I miss….. our daughter and son-in-law

I fear….. the prospect of eventually having to live alone if anything were to happen to my husband

I feel…..the love of the Father in my life and know he is ever with me

I hear…..beautiful violin music playing on my blog as I compose this post

I smell….. a writer's favorite smell of a crisp new pages of my journal lying open before me

I crave….. revival to break out around me ... in our community... church.... and nation

I search….. for any written words or images about Scotland..... I love Scotland so.... and so very hope to go there some day

I wonder…..if I will ever be grandma

I regret….. wasted time spent on foolish endeavors.

I love….. all kinds of music... I must have music playing all the time

I ache….. inside over some personal issues regarding my outer circle family dynamic

I care….. for my aging parents and their acceptance in their living arrangements at Assisted Living

I always…..want my newly retired husband to be happy and fulfilled

I am not….. willing to allow Satan’s lies to hurt me—or others.

I believe…..Psalm 42 is my very favorite passage of scripture and and it sets the purpose in my life

I dance….. praise dances to my Lord in my spirit

I sing….. in our senior choir at church and just anytime I hear a favored song

I cry….. hen I am completely inundated with trials or stressful circumstances beyond my control and ability to overcome

I don’t always….. make wise eating choices

I fight….. for the Truth.

I write…..edify and encourage others.

I never…. knew the joy of having a sibling

I listen….. for the early morning far off sounds songs of the white throated sparrow

I need….. to get more serious about my diet and exercise program

I am happy….. and content with my life as it is in all aspects


  1. Look at the lovely snow!I enjoyed reading your post. We have a lot of common answers. It was great to get to know you better.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your list with us.I too regret time spent on foolish endeavors.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  3. So pleased to meet you, Schotzy! I have perused your blog a bit and you seem to be a happy and fulfilled woman.

    You are blessed to have the gift of music--sadly, a strength I lack.

    My mother was a redhead and of Scottish ancestry... some day I'll visit Scotland!

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today.

    Blessings, e-Mom ღ

  4. I love your snow! I posted the list too - thanks for the great idea.


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