Monday, March 16, 2009

An Amazing Trip to the Mailbox Today

What a blessing my trip to the mailbox was today!!!!
So much goody I can hardly contain myself!!
I received the sweetest card from my blogging cardpal, Gina! Handmade cards are truly the best. Gina made this friendship card heralding spring and it touched me to the core of my being when I opened it! So sweet!
I happened onto my dear blogging friend, Karen, who is the most amazing artist, just at a critical time of her life and she in turn responded to all of her commenters in the most artistic and generous fashion. I received this amazing journal page created just for me including my favorite verse from Isaiah!
I mean these two items blow me away. Such beauty, craftmanship, and love that went into each one, rocks me.
(Drum roll)
For the Third surprise I will have to create a whole new post!!!!
But, I have to wait to tonight to get it all together!!

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  1. these are almost too pretty to be cards:)


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