Monday, March 9, 2009

For Today...March 9, 2009
Outside my window... quite the contrast from last week when we had 8inches of snow. This morning at 5:30 am. it is 67 degrees. A gorgeous full moon hands over the house like a giant pearl. No sign of daylight as the time has changed.
I am thinking... wondering actually if I'll be called in for jury duty this week. Court was held 3 days last wee, but my name wasn't called. They must have over a hundred folks on the list this month!
I am thankful for... a home that is very nearly paid for and our life together in it!
From the kitchen... nothing exciting is expected!
I am wearing... my brown culottes with the white polo. It is going to be pushing 80 again today!
I am reading... Wive and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, and The Believer's Authority. Beginning to study the book of Luke.
I am hoping... it doesnt get too hot too fast, I mean just stay hot like this. We need a cool, wet spring to make up for the dry winter.
I am creating... actually, I am still trying to get motivated to make those two tablecloths. I need to actually set up the sewing machine and do it.
I am hearing... Lynn coming up the stairs with my coffee! Yes!!!!!
Around the house... I plan to go outside and start policing the yard for sticks. Not my favorite job, but it is good exercise which I do need.
One of my favorite things... having coffee with my friend, Dottie. I hope to work that in sometime this week.
A few plans for the rest of the week... No jury duty today, but have to call each afternoon to see about the next day. Barring that I have an appointment tomorrow to have allergy testing. Bah! All those needles! Wednesday I take my mom to visit a friend in the hospital to take her some flowers then have to be at Bible Study by 10. That is going to be tricky, then fellowship dinner and Bible Study at church. Thursday I have a luncheon at church and I am thinking of doing the Stepping Up study again on Thursday night.The teacher, Lynne, is really hoping that folks come out for it. Saturday Lynn, and I hope Dottie and Bill and I are going to the Highland Maple Festival which will be huge fun! On Sunday after church Lynn and I are taking my parents back to their home town for an open house surprise birthday party for mom's brother-in-law who turns 90 and is not doing very well. Looks like a busy but fun week ahead.
Here is a picture I 'd like to share with you...
I love my new flag. Of course, there are sheep! I have named one, 'Rosebud, after a sheep I have gotten to know through blogging who lives in Scotland! How cool is that! I love the message! I pray it touches every heart who happens to see it!
It is so much fun to keep a Monday Daybook! To get started with your own visit Peggy at the Simple Woman Daybook!


  1. Love the banner. What a great way to start my day by remembering to count my blessings. Have a great day.

  2. What a lovely post. Just simple notes about your life and the day. You are right, it is dark out there in the morning now.

    Roberta Anne

  3. I love your new flag! You should take another picture from the road so we can see the whole house and flag. Glad they had one for you to buy (even if it was the display!)- I love the sheep! I miss our sheep from BWM!


    PS- isn't the cockapoo cute? Also, I think Cali, the mixed breed, looks like the labradoodles or goldendoodles we've seen. Such adorable little faces!

  4. Hello. I so enjoy reading your day book and Marie's. It makes me feel like I am there with you. It sounds like you have nice things to look forward to this coming week. Good for you.

    I love you new flag. We should all try to count our blessings more and complain less.

    Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

  5. Rosebud is honoured to have his own banner flying in America! He says, "Baaaaaa." Which means thanks!


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