Monday, March 30, 2009

The Simple Woman Daybook

For Today... March 30, 2009
Outside my window...
a bright sun is shining, the air is 41 degrees and the winds are gusting at 30mph. A typical March day. Kite flying weather for sure!
I am thinking...
how wonderful it will be when I have all my new bedding plants in the ground. I purchased pansies, begonias, and new vinca vine, so far.
I am thankful for...
my dear husband. He had to get out to work so early this morning as he has a project due soon, and he left me the sweetest love sticky note on my computer keyboard this morning telling me how happy he is to see me feeling better this week following my previous week of sinus troubles.
From the kitchen... I am actually going to peruse Marie in Manchester's blog,
( I love her blog!!) to find a fantastic chicken recipe and fix some tender fresh asparagus and a fresh salad for my dear Lynn tonight.
I am wearing...
my rose colored slacks and a white turtle neck with bare feet!
I am reading...
Luke chapter 3-4 and Gaskells, Wives and daughterss. I really need to put more effort in this novel. I have been putting it off! And I am enthralled by the new Messianic jewish calendar my secret pal gave me. It is full of fascinating and powerful information every Christian needs to know about our Jewish heritage. I love it!!!
I am hoping...
Christians everywhere are seeing the hand of judgment on our land and are repenting for our nations, beseeching God to hold back His mighty hand and save our nations from destruction. We are suffering just as the nation of Israel in the book of Joel. The locusts are here and are devouring away. God is saying, "Enough!" Only our fasting and fervent prayers will turn away His wrath.
I am creating...
I am so proud to have on tablecloth completed and actually used it Saturday for our prayer gathering. I have one more to go. I will do it completely by hand.
I am hearing...
the gusty wind shaking the shutters as they bang against the front wall.
Around the house...
I mainly have laundry and ironing and putting clothes away. I need to start organizing closets by the seasons.
One of my favorite things...
enjoying the music I accumulate on my playlist. I am enjoying the new "Resurrection Sunday" compilation I have found on the listing. I particularly love the second song, "Midnight Cry".
(I really do not like the word, easter. It is a pagan word , a form of the name Ishtar, a goddess of life or something.)
A few plans for the rest of the week...
Barring having to attend jury duty, I am free today, have Beth Moore's Esther, study on Tuesday and hopefully will luncheon with a friend, (Dottie??), then we usually do our gorcery shopping on Tu. Wednesday is the Ageless Bible study with my mom, church fellowship dinner, then our Christian worldview class- love it!! On Thursday I have exercise class at church, and senior choir practice, and on Saturday we have prayer group at church!
Here is a picture I thought I'd share with you
I love my new tablecloth I made from the pink and cream toile I found to accent my new china!
This was our prayer team soiree' we had this past Saturday morning! For more Daybooks visit Peggy here.


  1. Oh!!! The table is just lovely! I love the fabric you used for the tablecloth! I hope you are doing well! :)


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