Monday, March 30, 2009

I am so Excited

As you might remember a few weeks ago I saw a female bluebird visiting my birdhouse.
Then over the weekend I saw a handsome couple, male and female going in and out the door!, but I was concerned about the hanging feeder that was attracting other large birds to the vicinity. So today I went out and rearranged the feeder to a spot nearby and attached a container of freeze dried mealworms to the top of the birdhouse just for bluebirds. This moring I was restocking the feeder and I paked into the house and there was a nest. I ws too excited to investigate beyond that, to see if there were eggs! I will definitely be watching and waiting for my next opportunity to sneak a peak!
Bluebirds are so tidy. made primarily of pine needles, they are very identifiable by their neatness.
Just thrilling!


  1. lovely -- i am excited for you! :-)

  2. I know how exciting it is.As you may know i have birds and over the yrs I have let a few of them have babies.It is so beautiful to watch God work.It is truly a blessing...ann

  3. Isn't it fun to rent to birds, they pay us in so many hours of birdy antics.

    Have An Amazing Monday
    from Roberta Anne-the Raggedy Girl

  4. Hi Carolyn!! I am so glad you stopped by today!! I have missed visiting with you!! I try to make the rounds but time the past couple of weeks has been at a premium and is only to become more so in the next few weeks. I am holding a large bridal shower here for one of daughter #2's close friends, and there is so much to do!! Pray for me!! Please!!

    OF COURSE it is ok for you to do a joy thing on your blog!! You can even call it Joy For Our Journey if you would like to!! It really helps me to start off my week in the right frame of mind and heart!! I would love to visit your joy posts!!

    You have birdies, too??!! I'm really partial to bluebirds, but adore my new little occupant, and will announce what type of bird she is tonight so check back!!

    Aren't we just so blessed!! You know mine are on one of my front doors!! Too much fun!!! I can't see little Mama sitting in there, but I know she is and I say Hi to her all the time!!

    Thanks so much, sweetie. You gave me a lift right when I needed it!! Thanks for being my bloggy friend!!

    Hugs and Joy,

  5. How wonderful Schotzy!! I have never seen a bluebird except in a picture!


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