Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just for Amanda

Amanda specifically asked for a photo of her dad taken with Daisy, the Innkeepers beautiful dog! HEEHEE Lynn is always afraid I can going to chop of his feet so he made a correction just as I clicked! And then Daisy hightailed back over to her cozy bed on the deck. So Amanda this is it!


  1. What a lovely picture of your Lynn and your dog. BOth very good looking!

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAYA! So cute! Not sure why dad is all scrunched down, but a very sweet picture (and you're right- at least you got his feet!)! See, doesn't dad look nice with such a nice doggie? I think it looks like man with man's best friend! You'll have to show Dottie-- I'm sure she'll agree!

    love you and thanks for taking that!


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