Monday, March 16, 2009

For Today (March 16, 2009)
Outside my window... it is foggy and 42 degrees. We have enjoyed 3 days of light, but steady rain which we have needed so badly. Today it is supposed to gradually clear. It is 5:47 am so it is very quiet out this morning.
I am thinking... what a exciting time we had with Dottie and Bill on Saturday going up to the Highland Maple Festival. The mountainous terrain posed an interesting trip with falling temps and snow instead of rain! But that is another story altogether!
I am thankful for... God's graciousness and mercy. Also, I am very thankful for His Holy Spirit who is at work in the life of our church in powerful ways these day! Hallelujah!
From the kitchen... we have been called to a day of fasting today, so I will not be frequenting the kitchen until supper and then we will eat lightly- probably a salad.
I am wearing... my cozy terry robe this morning. I may go back to bed.
I am reading... Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, and Highland Fire. we are beginning the study of Luke.
I am hoping... not to be called for jury duty much this week.
I am creating... a much more organized studio in here this week. My area needs a complete overhauling.
I am hearing... the radiator popping and cracking as it is heating up. Lynn just turned the shower on and there seems to be very little traffic out and about this morning so far.
Around the house... aside from spending some time organizing I have several loads of laundry to work on and some sewing to do.
One of my favorite things... shopping for early spring bedding plants. I am anxious to get some pansies planted and get the beds out back up and running.
A few plans for the rest of the week... My mom is visiting today which I look forward to, then my prayer team has called an emergency meeting tonight to pray following our fast today,and I have the P. Buckley Moss Society meeting.
I will call every afternoon to see if I am called to jury duty the next day, but barring that, I do have Beth Moore's Esther study tomorrow, the Ageless group on Wednesday where we are studying the book of Joel during these trying times. Wednesday night fellowship dinner and CLU class on the Christian world view, Thursday I have senior adult choir and a luncheon at church, and Friday I take dad back to the cardiologist. Friday afternoon my sweetie and I are going on a romantic trip up the valley to a bed and breakfast to celebrate our anniversary for the weekend~more about that later!
Here is a picture I thought I'd share with you...
The trip up the valley to the maple festival was lovely as we encoutered snowy terrain.
But the mountainous areas became a tad more treacherous! But praise the Lord for He is good!
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  1. I have been intereseted in reading Wives and Daughter's. Is it good? And, how is Beth Moore's Esther study? Is it on line? Do you have to pay or sign up for it? I love her.

  2. Wonderful day book entry Schotzy. Brrr...your pictures made me feel cold!

  3. Enjoying your play-list while I apply for jobs. I love all your Irish music- it's getting me in the mood for Guinness and Saint Paddy's Day! Hope you have a wonderful (jury-less) week!


  4. Lovely day book today! I always enjoy reading yours! :) Have a beautiful week!!

  5. You have a very Christ filled week, may you be blessed in all you do.
    Love your pictures.

  6. I enjoyed reading your daybook. You are one busy lady! Happy anniversary!



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