Friday, March 20, 2009

My Husband Rocks, Friday

I would be amiss if I didnt pay tribute to Lynn today as we look forward to our 37th anniversary next week.
Or course, we've been going around together for 42 years. we started dating our senior year of high school He was in my economics class and the teacher put us in alphabetical order and we ended up sitting beside each other. I asked him if I could borrow his pen and I've asking him ever since. Our first date was to the bonfire pep rally on a Thursday night before homecoming. It wasn't really a a date, but he asked me if i was going and I said, "Sure." ( I had no idea how I was going to get there, though.) Most of my friends had real dates to it. I finally found a friend who didn't and I told her I really didnt want to go by myself but had hopes of meeting someone there. She agreed to be my sidekick, and the rest is history. Gee, I hope she made it home that night. I really have no recollection of what happened to her after that! Yikes!


  1. Sweet memories and congratulations on your enduring marriage.

    Have A Fantastic Friday
    from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

  2. Nice post! Mr. Wonderful and I will be having our 6th wedding anniversary this weekend - am trying to think of something special to celebrate on a budget! I met him on, and he has been the best friend I ever had!!!

  3. How wonderful that you will be celebrating 37 years together!! Not many can say that today. Here's to 37 more!

  4. Wow, 42 years together is a very wonderful thing, congrats! Take care, Sue

  5. it is so obvious,you dearly adore that man.i congratulate the two of you.It isn't an any feat you have acoomplished.may there be many,many more...Ann

  6. I like your photo and especially your story! Happy Friday!

  7. naw, you're turning into quite the little old couple. JUST KIDDING!!

    LOVE YOU both and hope you feel better (sniffy!) and have a fantastic weekend :) Make sure to take a picture of Dad with the owners' dog. I have to have proof that Dad's REALLY aware of how cute dogs are!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Love you,

  8. Hi Carolyn, your dh is very handsome. What a wonderful romantic story. Loved it. We will be married 46 years in April. Where did those years go???


  9. Sweet sweet story...heres to many many more wonderful years together!

  10. ...and he's still handsome after all these years!

    I love your story. Oh my...wonder what happened to your friend?!

  11. 37 years!! Wow!! That's awesome!! We have our 30th in October!! You're a great looking couple!! May God bless you with many more years together!!
    Happy Anniversary ahead of time!!


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