Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Fotot

I love this portrait! We had this done when Amanda was about 8. I have a sweet much younger cousin, Jenny, whose parents had a similar portrait done of her in the same position which I always thought was the cutest thing i ever saw! So we decided to do the same with Amanda.
This was my favorite dress she ever had. Of red fiel,( I dont know how to spell it) fabric, with a built in crinoline! Beautfiul!
For more ffff stop in at Deborah's at Pictures, Pots, and Pens.


  1. That IS a great photo. Red is her color. Always enjoy your photos of Amanda. :o)

  2. Hi!
    She's very beautiful!! Love that red dress!! Have a great day!!


  3. I have to agree, she looks beautiful in red. She looks very thoughtful in this picture.


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