Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where is Spring!

Here I have spring on my mind, and now they're calling for snow tonight!
The ups and downs of the thermometer are almost as drear as those of the stock market. It is nigh unto impossible to know how to dress. I wore too many clothes today to court as they had the heat turned up and baked us as we waited to be called. That is one thing about jury duty~ you have to learn patience.All in all for my two court days this week I have spent a total of 7 hours just waiting around to hear that the jury has been dismissed. Trust me, though, I really dont want to sit on a big criminal trial. I'll just serve sitting in the anteroom if that is what they want me to do! But I do sit there planning springy things~ garden ideas, spring socials, spring decorating, bluebirding, and this dreary snowy mix forecast puts a drag on my plans! Even Amanda called today to tell me about the mass of pink and green that is heading this way on the weather map. Of course, I had been rubbing it in to her about how springlike it has been here this week, with all the flowers bursting out all over! I suppose this is justice being meted out on me as she says that the New England forecast for the weekend is milder and more seasonable!
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