Thursday, March 5, 2009

HEE~HEE Not A Trip, Either

Although I dearly hope and pray that someday a trip will materialize, for this locale is my absolute dream trip of my life. But you have to know that I am a great planner. I am actually making a scrapbook of all the places I hope to see when I do make this trip. And my very dear friends, S-----, who just happens to live there, is making my dreaming more and more reality through her wonderful friendship and generosity, NO, she isnt bankrolling the trip! But just imagine my thrill and excitement to go to the mailbox today and pull out something with this postmark!Photobucket
Amazing! And then when I opened it, it was so precious! I recalled how she had blogged last fall about going afield in the environs around her coastal, highland village, and seeing the massive stags, and hearing their rutting and calling in the hills. I would have been mesmerized! So to commemorate that memory she made me the most darling journal in which to do my planning and dreaming!
See the handsome crossstitch stag on the cover!
But that's not all! She also recently toured some of the homeland herself and while touring picked up this wonderful memento for me!
I cannot wait to enjoy this Music video of Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Invernesshire, and Culloden! Why, this is the very next best thing to being there!
(If you only really knew how special this is to me!!)
But....remember, I said, this is only a foretaste to the coming surprise!!
I will wait a little longer to relate everything about that!
Stacey, Thank you so much for this most thoughtful gift! It means so much to me! The journal is so precious because it was made by your sweet hands in
I also love the blue which reminds of of the beautiful saltire!


  1. woo hoo! May your dreams come true:)

  2. What a wonderful surprise Schotzy! I, too, hope your dreams come true!

  3. Oh hooray! I'm glad the little package made it. Now for the bigger one! It is fun sending them along. I hope you have fun with them. (And sorry I've been absent for awhile... I just got caught up in the daily humdrum of life this past week or so.) I'm catching up now... Indeed, slainte!


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