Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Empty Arms

Today while I was driving to church for Bible study I was taken by the loneliness of the trees~their empty branches reaching into the heavens~ as if to grasp and firmly hold on to something, someone one. Yet ever, ever empty arms, striving -so forlorn. I felt deep in my spirit I could associate with that grieving loss and pain. We all go through seasons of loss and loneliness, seeking for that something that will satisfy a sense of barrenness in our lives. I suffered this loss of purpose immediately following my retirement from teaching! The loneliness and bleakness of those days while I was seeking redefinition were much like the grasping trees seeking redemption for their loss of fertility. But just as the trees will live to bud and blossom again, so too did I then and will I now move into renewed purpose in life. Yes, I am feeling a loss and emptiness with the swift approach of my only child's move so far away. Yes, there is a feeling of bereft loneliness and dismay as I contemplate the miles of separation that will necessarily divide us, but just as God has ordered the seasons of life to ebb and flow so too will I pass into a renewed season with Him, with my husband, with my niche in my church and community. I will again redefine my life~ grow, and prosper in my new identity, not distinguished by grief, but by victory and completion.

~A new dawn is coming!~


  1. What a precious post that should resonate with all women as we pass from one season to another. God bless you.
    Roberta Anne

  2. Our lives truly are as the seasons. Some people have a really difficult time making the transition from one into the other. I still sometimes long to have my arms filled, but then again, I am enjoying the freedom to spend more time on my own pursuits as well. Beautiful post Schotzy!

  3. Oh...how beautifully penned! As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I obviously can relate to what you have written. Our ever-changing lives and circumstances serve to reemphasize the consistency, perfect faithfulness, never- changing greatness of the God we serve! Thank you for the way you touched my heart this morning. I'm fighting off being sick and you've given my spirit a lift!

    I will pray for you amidst your life changes.
    May His tender blessings fill your heart today,


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