Monday, January 12, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY (January 12, 2009)
Outside my window...
another very drear day, but it should be a tad warmer. The sun is not up yet, but the forecast says mostly cloudy like yesterday! Even so, a steady stream of traffic is making it's way ... starting their busy day.
I am thinking...
I have a lot to do this morning. I have a full afternoon with important meetings doing church committee work. I still have some fact finding to finish this morning.
I am thankful for...
my husband who takes such sweet, wonderful care of me. He is more thoughtful and wonderful with each passing day!!
From the kitchen...
I hear him rustling around making coffee. Yum, I can hardly wait. I won't be rummaging there very much today.
I am wearing...
still in my housecoat, but plan to wear jeans and a sweater today. It is definitely a day to stay cosy.
I am creating...
a schematic of the discussion our prayer team has been discussing to take to the meeting this afternoon as we meet to prepare our proposal to the pastor regarding the development of the prayer chapel in our church, as well as a chart to schedule conversation dinners for our Sunday school class.
I am going...
to meet with the ladies for luncheon at our favorite coffee shop today.
I am reading... the Giver of Roses by Kathleen Morgan. A wonderful allegory about the Christian life set in medieval times. Much like Lord of the Rings it is very well written and thought provocative about the deserts of our life and how we must submit to the will of God.
I am hoping...
for snow sometime soon. Although not like Amanda and Josh will surely find in Boston this week as they fly up to go house hunting. Plus the high temps there will be in the teens. Brrrr, culture shock !
I am hearing...
David Foster's melodious Movie Montage from my blog. I really enjoy his instrumentals.
Around the house...
things are quiet with no plans for anything special this week. My week is so full, the house will just have to take care of itself.
One of my favorite things...
is Arabica coffee. Its full bodied, robust flavor is just the pick up for my morning. This Christmas I discovered from my dear friend,Lynne, International coffee creamer with cinnamon! Now that is a very nice addition.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday: finish details for the meetings and meet for luncheon with the girls to discuss important prep
arations for meeting with Pastor Chip watch the continuing episodes of 24 tonight! Yikes!!
Tuesday: Our new Bible study, Esther, by Beth Moore, then go to mom's to do her hair and visit a while.
Wednesday: the Ageless group study, meet with Pastor Chip, fellowship dinner and study with the pastor.
Thursday: Senior Breakfast (Yay, Lynn is going, too) decorated tables for Friday night's party and weight watchers and prepare layered salad and chewy bars for tomorrow
Friday: Sunday School Winter party. We are joining with 3 classes and having a soup/salad/ dessert party with a snowman theme. We are playing the Not So Newly Wed Game. That promises to be a hoot!
Here is picture I thought I'd share with you...
See what I mean, there he was just a few minutes ago bringing me a nice glass of juice and my morning coffee! You just gotta love that guy!


  1. Giver of Roses sounds like a wonderful read. What a sweet hubby you have. Mine makes me coffee every morning before he leaves for work. Aren't we lucky? I love the music on your blog! Enjoyed your Daybook:)

  2. It sounds like you are busy busy busy this week. I may look into that book. It sounds like an interesting read.

  3. Wonderful day book entry Schotzy, and that man of yours is a really sweetie pie!

  4. Thanks for coming by my daybook. What a sweet husband! You've got a full week ahead. Sounds like fun.


  5. Come by today's blog post (1/13). I have an award for you! :)



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