Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Genealogy

My mother was a Cox and I am 10th generation. My earliest known ancestor was William Cox born in Gloucestershire in 1657. I know we were orginally from Normany and were traditionally seamen, but I also know we were Quakers. Upon doing some research I found that Gloucestershire is a beautiful, pastoral area of England west of London and known for its Quaker history. One quaker meeting house still stands in Chipping Campden in the northern Cotswolds of Gloucestershire.I found this beautiful pastoral scene in Gloucestershire.
Here is the Old Meeting House of the 1600's in Chipping Campden.
Photobucket and the beautiful, quaint town.
No mention is given in the documentation which we have but William surely knew of these places.
When William's son, William, immigrated to America in 1716 he lived in New Castle, Delaware and the quaker assembly there often met in his drawing room. Our Cox coat of arms hosts a brilliant blue shield trimmed in gold with a strutting cock atop whose color again is repeated in this sign I found online.


  1. Schotzy,

    Wow!!! What a beautiful area of the world. I just love these photos!

    I wanted to stop by to thank you for visiting my blog today. I am grateful to Beverly that she has sent so many wonderful bloggers my way. Good luck on the giveaway. It is nice to meet you! ~Cheryl

  2. Genealogy must be really interesting and much easier to do now that there is the Internet. The photos are amazing.
    Roberta Anne

  3. I love geneology and have been able to trace four of my family lines back quite far. One of my ancestors was a William Scott and his wife was named Joanna. I find it all so fascinating!

  4. Oh My--such gorgeous pictures--what a wonderful post!


  5. Great posts Mom! I was unaware of several of the tidbits you shared. So glad that you have taken a keen interest in our genealogy. Like Beth Moore pointed out in her study, it's really neat to think about our family history after realizing how important family history is to God. I'm amazed at what we can learn and appreciate from what appears to be a simple list of names. I'm so thankful for our family--past and present members!


    PS-I wonder if any of those row houses are for sale... ;)


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