Thursday, January 22, 2009

Senior Adult Choir

It is so wonderful to be singing in the choir again. I arrived at practice today about 20 minutes early and just sitting in the choir room amid the various props and instruments was so fulfilling, as if I a part of something much bigger than myself, and my spirit began to soar with the significance of it all.
Worship is such an integral part of the church experience and to be able to participate in corporate worship with this group is a real answer to prayer.
I used to sing in a large church choir as a young woman before we adopted Amanda, and we worked so hard on our enunciation and diction, I loved the precision of it all. For the intervening years since 1995 until 2006, we attended a much smaller church that only had a contemporary worship team, so much of the dynamics of choral singing were lost.
When we moved to this church with its dual choral program we found we mainly wanted the traditional service with the chancel choir and beautiful organ accompaniment- that had really been missing in our spiritual lives. But when I tried to sing in the choir I found much to my dismay between the lost skills and my poor eyes with age, I as having a very difficult time keeping up, so I dropped out after a very short time. But then I was asked to sing with the senior adult choir. I suppose I am the youngest member which suits me fine, but from the very first day of practice I knew I had found my niche. You wouldnt' believe how much it helped singing from large print music! HEEHEE! I know now that I can ask for music reading glasses which I will check into the next time I go to the opthomologist. I am learning that getting older isn't for wimps! I am only 58! This is just the beginning!

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