Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Family Foto, Friday

Deborah of Pictures, Pots, and Pens hosts this fun meme each week.
I am so proud of my son-in law, Joshua. He defends for his PHd in engineering at the end of the month and starts his new job soon there after. He and Amanda are house hunting there even as I type! I will be sad to see them leave, but they are so excited to finally leave university and establish their new home together in New England. Here Joshua is unwrapping his birthday/graduation gift a montage of the campus at Virginia Tech which includes a sketch of the beautiful War Memorial Chapel where they were married.


  1. Hi!
    Hope Josh and Amanda find their perfect house! Have a great day!!


  2. Good luck to Joshua and Amanda!

  3. Congratultions to Josh for getting that Phd!That is an amazing feat especially in engineering. I am sure they will make a beautiful home for themselves.

  4. What an exciting time for them as they begin this new stage in their lives! Congrats to Josh on getting his degree!


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