Monday, January 5, 2009

The Simple Woman Daybook


FOR TODAY January 5, 2009
Outside my window...the streets and sidewalks are bustling as folks return to a work week and schools reopen. The weather is calm and very mild! A good day for returning to a routine existence.
I am thinking...about how my day should not become routine as I have resolutions in organization to adhere to. I plan to work in the kitchen today, inventorying the cabinets and set about creating a weekly menu plan prior to my shopping experience tomorrow.
I am thankful for...God's direction in my life- how His plan's for me are evolving and how I feel I am in direct will for my life. I am praying to have to courage coupled with the desire to always say "Yes," to God!
From the kitchen...tonight I will be baking a pork loin served with pear salad and baked sweet potatoes.
I am wearing...I'm still in my cosy terry robe. Jeans and sweater are laid out for today.
I am creating... household inventories, weekly menus, budget spreadsheets, and new spiritual journal guideline for my read through the Bible plan.
I am going... to systematically go room to room and purge everything that is cluttering my life. I have a huge desire to scale back. I plan to take it all to Goodwill or trash it. I don't even want to bother with a yard sale.
I am reading...Mrs. Beeton's Household Management, The Road North, a Scottish Travelogue, and Beth Moore's Esther.
I am hoping...that all the work we have done on this computer will get it working better.
I am hearing...a plane zooming overhead.
Around the is so wonderful to have all the major Christmas decorations put away and the furniture moved back into place to start out the week. The sunroom still has the snowman decor which I will enjoy awhile longer as I am hoping for some seasonal weather. I love snow!
I will enjoy decluttering room, drawers, and closets this week.
One of my favorite old movies. Saturday Lynn and I went to Best Buy and I found a 10 dvd pack of Hollywood's Golden age dvds featuring Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck to name a few. I cant wait to settle back and enjoy those. I plan to wait for most until early February when Amanda and Josh will be here a few days prior to their moving to New England. Amanda will enjoy some of those.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday: Organize, organize, organize
Tuesday: God to the market, laundry, and take mom to the orthopedic specialist
Wednesday: Bible Study- the Ageless group, Wednesday night fellowship dinner and Bible study at church
Thursday: Organize some more and go to dentist
Friday: Allergy shot and Amanda is coming to help take down Mom and Dad's decorations. I will go over and join in that fun!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Joshua and Amanda have been mightily blessed as they make the transition from university to the workplace and their new location. What a beautiful new car!
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  1. Yes, declutter and organize for me in 2009.


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