Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you happen by my blog today especially this morning, please pray for my day. This is the fourth day of my 10 day sub in fifth grade and yesterday I could sense that the climate was deteriorating. The classes had been very good the first 2 days, but it just couldnt last. Yesterday they simply told me " I dont want to!" I mean I have never had students just say something like that. Today the plans are such as to require more work from me than them, and in my spirit, I find myself rebelling. I dont want to either. It is no fun when it is difficult to find any joy in being around a certain group of students. There is one class- right in the middle of the day that really is NO pleasure at all. After 6 years of retirement this is tough. I dont mean to be bellyaching, but I dread dealing with trying to keep them engaged, paying attention and being accountable when so many are rebellious. I suppose I could just go in- do my job and not care whether they did their part or not, but I cant do that. I really do care too much and want them to be the best they can be! Argh! I really need God's provision today!


  1. I also am a sub and I can truly understand what you are saying. I have subbed in many 5 th grade classes. They are a challenge
    I will definetly keep you in prayer today.
    I am waiting to see where i will work today.


  2. I will pray for you. My best friend retired from 3rd grade last year only to be called back in the fall due to cancer in the other teacher so she taught last semester. She is now so concerned for the students who are not self motivated. Parent are different these days so kids are.

    Also, I love your pictures at the top. May I ask what template you are using that enables you to include the large header with pictures? EarIier I bookmarked your blog because I love to read what other Christians are experiencing.

    God will provide.

  3. Praying for you. As the wife of a teacher I know how important it is to have teacher who really care. Hang in there!
    Roberta Anne

  4. Now I know why you like the Fleur-De-Lys so much, you are a warrior of noble birth! I'm sorry you are seeing Satan's handy work (through worldly ways) in our youth. I pray for your strength and power as you stop, and rely on His love, grace, and wisdom. Go Get'em! Give them a big shot of God's unfailing love, be the shining light that most of them probably don't have! Stop and breath, and know that God is with you, and for you:)

    God Bless You Today!!!
    (by the way, love your header collage:)


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