Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love to Blog

PhotobucketCan you tell I am a hydrangea fanatic! And blogging allows me to just go gaga over ways to work hydrangeas into my day! I also love blogging because instead of having to change my furniture around every week, I can now change my header and title around as I am sure you have noticed, i can't seem to settle down with either one! I hope this hasnt given anyone a headache thinking about who I am each day, I suppose I am just a little different everyday. But I must say, now that my header is a blue hydrangea, I just might stay this way for quite a while. I am working on a couple of folks to start blogging and share their creative acumen. I find it such a wonderful release of creative overflow. And it gives my day a purpose beyond myself without having to leave home! Did I mention... I love blogging!!

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  1. Did I notice that you love to blog? Did you notice that I love to blog? LOL!!!

    It's been raining a little outside this afternoon, so I've been spending some time on the computer...and noticed you had just posted something again!!

    I love Hydrangeas, too!! We have lots of them in our garden and they're just starting to open and look beautiful.



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