Thursday, June 26, 2008

~My Husband Rocks~ Friday

I am very excited and honored to have the opportunity to join in with the gang over at The Great Adventure, Photobucket
This picture was taken 22 years ago when our dd was 18 months. We had adopted her from Seoul in 1985. That was after 13 years of childless marriage. We had a good marriage up until that time, but when Lynn became a Dad I really began to see his innermost superior qualities. It's funny he went for years thinking he just didnt have it in him to be a "dad", but the very moment they placed Amanda in his arms a miraculous transformation took place. Suddenly all the inhibitions and lack of confidence he had exhibited before completely dissipated and there stood a man who determined with a purposeful drive and goal to be the best father and husband he could be. His countenance even changed. I'll never forget how he nestled her in his arms and with the sweetest smile of wonder on his face, he said,"she smells so good."
There began a wonderful bond between father and daughter that will never be broken.Suddenly he went from a man who vowed to never change a dirty diaper to a man who felt honored and so grateful to have a precious little bottom to care for, and precious little bit of a person to love, protect, and nurture. Nothing gave him any more pleasure than giving her her nightly ritual of bath... jammy...story and prayer time. My most valuable segment on video is the night we captured the whole routine. I only wish I had captured one of the many nights when Amanda climbed up in our bed begging for one her dad's made up Horatio Hare tales...You did know that Horatio did have this thing for Penelope Bunny didnt you! I mean, these were wonderful stories! The above picture was taken at a hot air balloon show at the airport. Oh, yes, seeing my man become a loving, doting, father who sought to lead the family in Godliness and be the spiritual head of the home with love and dedication to our daughter really rocks my world.


  1. this one brought tears to my eyes! thank you so much for sharing with us! :)

  2. What a sweet story! Adoption is such a beautiful thing - exactly what God did for us. He "adopted" us into His family.

    May God continue to bless you and yours.

  3. An Admirer of Your Blog,

    Your story about your husband was so enjoyable. He is a special man in your eyes.
    I can imagine you are very special to him. For every special husband there's a very compassionate, loving wife. Looking at your blog and all the color and creativity, you are certainly a beautiful person in his eyes. What a blessing to have a wife so gifted and loving.


  4. That's a beautiful way to honour your hubby - very sincere and special!


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