Monday, June 30, 2008

Through the Window-Summer

Photobucket As I sit here in my studio gazing out the window I am pondering the changes that have transpired because of the loss of my dear maple tree. I really feel the loss when I am outside and feel the oppressive summer heat that is baking the side yard to a crispy brownish hue. Today when I was driving past the house I longingly looked up through the sideyard and was dismayed by how open it is with hardly a break in the vista from house to house. I just cant get used to it. The first view above shows my early morning view, and this is my midafternoon shot.Photobucket I suppose as I study the differences I can be happy about the open panorama of the horizon that I didnt have before. This exercise is begnning to demonstrate to me that in fact we should find the good in every circumstance and be happy for what we have. I shall now look forward to painting the southern sky as seen through the studio window!


  1. Never having seen your dear maple tree, I do love the view out your studio window! The sky is beautiful!

    Every circumstance has something in store for us...and God is there to see us through.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your view through the window. Where was the tree before? It's always sad to lose a tree - but it does help the view.

  3. Thanks for your visit and kind words! My sister and I had many good times...and shared some very BAD times...we were molested by a cousin. She never dealt with it and she was always "sickly". While it's sad to think about those BAD times, I don't get angry anymore...God has helped heal those wounds.

  4. Lovely blog! How wonderful to actually have a studio from which to paint the summer sky!! I am currently using our dining room as mine. Hoping to have a studio once we move (whenever that is going to be.) Anyway, thanks so much for your comment on my blog about the Deeper Still event! It truly was such a blessing to hear these three godly women teach the Word with boldness. You are blessed to have so much at your own church. Ours is small and we don't have all those resources, so this weekend was a double blessing for our ladies.

    Be blessed!


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