Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Last Day??


I taught here for thirty years from 1973-2003. Since retirement I have subbed twenty days a year as a retirement supplement package and I could possibly continue to sub for two more years. Some days I come home and question if I can stand to do it one more time, then other days, like today, I ponder can I really stand to give it all up? I mean, some days I come home from being in an argumentative, hormonally charged fifth grde class that has just about sent me completely over the edge!

I mean, to give it up means I'm giving in to the stress and inharmonious vibes that I can have following an especially bad day, but then, what about those really sweet days when those little second graders give you a big hug, and beg you to come back and be their teacher tomorrow!

Today I received several handfulls of beautiful purple clover blossoms to wear in my hair. Appreciation and gratitude oozed from those little smiles and sweet faces.
To never return to that school again... it really seems that to admit defeat just brings me that much closer to admitting that I am finally really over the hill- next stop, old age!

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  1. Hi Schotzy,

    I am new to the world of blogs and really like what you have created.
    Looking at your picture, I don't see an older woman, but I do see a lovely,sweet,caring and "really gooood" lady. Maybe I can meet you in the near future to talk about how good life can be at your age.
    Hope to See You Soon!


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