Monday, June 23, 2008

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Outside my Window... All is very quiet. Now that the side tree is gone, I feel very exposed. I see right into my neighbor's house and all the day down the street and around the bend. There are no woodpeckers or squirrels skittering. I suppose I'll get used to it in time!

I am thinking...that this delightful cup of coffee my dh just brought to me tastes very satisfying. He always gets up first, brews a pot and brings me the first cup of the day. A wonderful way to face the morning!

I am thankful for.... my family. Our dd and sil were here for the weekend. It was so special. We got to go on adventures as well as spend a few hours with my mom and dad on Saturday helping them get their patio set up very prettily for summer.

From the kitchen...this very probably will be a cereal morning. Thereafter, the kitchen will be taking a respite from the weekend whirlwind as we enjoy the leftovers in the fridge. We have lots of cut up fruit as well as some bbq pork and some taco meat. I envision a nice salad trimmed with savory tidbits stored away in lock and seal containers. It should prove to be tasty.

I am creating... a family tree poster to commemorate the Sharpe reunion we will have this coming Sunday. This will be the first ever reunion of combining my dad's mom's family with his grandad's first family. Dad was always close with his step uncles and cousin's but over time the family has fallen apart. I'm doing a poster to tie the families back together. Saturday we went through old photos to share. I love genealogy!

I am luncheon with a group of dear new friends from church tomorrow. One gal just enclosed her deck to create a wonderful "outdoor' room and she's having the gang in for lunch to celebrate. I am really looking forward to that!

I am wearing...this morning I am wearing a tan and white checked seer sucker cropped pants and a pale yellow tee shirt. Comfort is the name of my fashion plan for today as I am not planning on darkening the door, well except to tinker in the yard!!

I am reading...aside from my Beth Moore study of the Patriarchs which I still have 2 days of home work to catch up on before tomorrow's class, I plan to read through several magazines that I am sorting through. I am creating file folders of "must keep" articles and pictures and throwing away the magazines. I am inundated with them it seems. DD while she was here created her own folder of creative homemaking ideas as she and her dh are planning to move into their new life in Boston soon.(When he finally hears back from his prospective company, which I suspect will be this week!)

I am hoping...the hot weather will delay its arrival back to our area. This past few days has been such a reviving respite from the oppressive heat and humidity we had been suffering. All reports declare a return to the muggy temps by week's end. I HATE SUMMER!

I am hearing... one of my favorite cd's, Anuna's Essentials, which hosts one of the highlighted songs on the sidebar, Kyrie. This Irish group creates such a mood of spiritual introspection. Each and every one of these songs poses a very ambient, worshipful atmosphere. I love their works so much.

Around the house...Considering we had such a hectic weekend, the house looks pretty good. Thankfully I won't be chained to a ton of housework today as I really need to work on my Bible study. Perhaps I'll stay true to my Monday tradition and do a few loads of laundry!

One of my favorite do is read books by Liz Curtis Higgs. One of my very favorites is My Heart is on the Lowlands
which is a travel log of her travels to Scotland. She writes in such a way to make you feel you are her most esteemed traveling companion. I love it!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...My mom and I will provide refreshments for the Wednesday morning Bible study. I was planning on preparing quiche, but someone brought that last week. So I am clueless at this moment what I'll fix! On Thursday it's to the dentist for me, but Friday will be fabulous. A few of us will trek over to the next county to visit a day lily farm. I've heard about it forever, but never went there. I am quite excited about that!

Here is a picture I thought I'd share with you...
Photobucket This is a picture of Blair House, in the lowlands of Scotland near Ayr. Being a Blair, this is one demonstration of why I long to travel to Scotland.


  1. You have a nice, peaceful entry today. I don't like summer either. I'm an autumn lover. Wish it was autumn all year round. Have a blessed week.

  2. My Bible study went through 2 of Liz curtis Higgs books - Bad Girls of the Bible. Really enjoyed her writing. And I agree with you about SUmmer - it's not the best time of year for me.

  3. It was a difficult adjustment for me when we had several trees removed from our backyard. This year we are having one removed from our front - it's the one we always hang the resident woodpecker's food on ;(...however, with hurricane season here we don't want to take any chances.

    I admire you for being able to tackle a Beth Moore study. I get so overwhelmed by her.

    A big thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  4. I would like to visit Scotland and Ireland both. That is our heritage.
    And I have interests in genealogy.
    Sounds like you have a busy week. I've done the Patriarchs, a great study. I think its neat that your Mom is involved in it with you.
    Mama Bear

  5. I love the picture of Blair House. I also have a love of Scotland and would be thrilled to visit one day!


  6. I don't like hot weather, either. Warm is okay, but not really hot!

    I loved Liz Curtis Higgs' book "Mixed Signals." Have you read it?


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