Monday, June 9, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today
Outside my Window... everything is so very quiet, not a hint of a breeze. One lone songbird is heralding a new day. All signs declare another scorching day.

I am thinking...I really need to go outside soon and water all my flowers before the sun rises too high n the sky! The weatherman is predicting a record breaker today.

I am thankful the Lord works out the circumstances in our lives. Yesterday my SIL was flying out to Boston for a very important job interview this morning. His afternoon flight was cancelled, but I praise the Lord, it all worked out.

From the kitchen...My dear husband has just brought me a savory cup of freshly brewed coffee. I love the smell of that first cuppa in the morning. I am going down stairs in just a few minutes to make us a delicious poached egg on an English muffin! Yum!

I am creating... a fresh summery climate around the house this week by rearranging some furniture and bringing in some summer flower arrangements. It’s time to put the springy decorations away. I’m planning some changes for the front porch, but it’s too hot out this week to implement anything.

I am be really working hard this morning on my Beth Moore study on the Patriarchs. I got very behind and have a lot to make up today. I have class tomorrow.

I am wearing...a pair blue and white striped seer sucker cropped pants and a white short sleeved polo.

I am of my favorite writers of Scottish historical fiction, Kathleen Given’s book, Rivals for the Crown. This is her last book and it is so hard to wait!

I am hoping...Amanda, our beautiful daughter, will be able to finish up her lab work early today because she will be coming in this afternoon for a visit and supper. Because she is finishing up at university this summer and preparing to move away, we treasure every opportunity to see her. She’ll be picking her husband up at the airport late tonight from his trip to Boston.

I am hearing...the whirring of the ceiling fan straining to do its work. I am very thankful to have it offering its cooling breeze on such a sticky, sweltery morning.

Around the house...I have four new geraniums I purchased to use as table decorations I need to plant today. I’m thinking to plant at least two of them in pots to keep in the sunroom. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to get the vacuum cleaner out and vacuum the downstairs. I think it is my turn. (My most hateful chore).

One of my favorite watching my tropical Belladona climb up the trellis. Every day I go out and see just how much farther its tiny tendrils have wound their way up the wires to the base of the wrought iron trellis we have on the side of the garage. I noticed Friday that the volunteer morning glories have made their arrival in the side bed. Hey are winding their way up the lantern crook seeking the sun. I am just so enamored with climbing species.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...On Tuesday I have my Patriarch’s class at church as well, I must go to mom’s and fix her hair. I have my last of four writing classes at the library tomorrow evening. On Wednesday I take mom to the Ageless Bible Study class, and on Thursday I must take my dad to have an ultra sound. At 89 he has been starting to have some difficulties. In my spare time I really have hopes that I can start some oil painting. With the price of gasoline, I am glad to not to have to travel too far from home this week. I wonder just where we will be going with this gasoline price hike.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing for you...

This book by Jo Packham is one of my favorites. I peruse it whenever I feel especially desirous of starting a special project around the house. It offers inexpensive ideas to make every day special for your family and any space a fun place for your guests.


  1. I wish I could do your Beth Moore study with you. There is no place to do it around here.

  2. Thanks for visiting this morning. I agree on the gas/staying home thing!

  3. What lovely descriptions of your home and life. I would love to read the book you mentioned. Suzanne at Blueberry Cottage is hosting a Make Your House a Home Challenge this month. You might like to participate and share some of the ideas you've gleaned from the book.


  4. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!!!! I too have to now schedule plant waterings early morning and late evening because of the scorching heat - I live in Florida. I think I may just plant more Lantana. Can't wait to have time to explore your blog more!!!

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to jump right in on the challenge. You can announce it here and take the pic from the sidebar to put on your blog for the month. If you can't let me know and I will email it to you. Look forward to your entries!


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