Monday, June 9, 2008

Make a House a Home Month

Suzanne, over at has offered the Make the House a Home Challenge for the month of June. Even though I am late in getting started, I am excited to participate.

I get a ton of inspiration from Jo Packham's book, Extraordinary Touches for an Ordinary Day a lifestyle/ decorating book that promotes those extra little touches, extra considerations we can make to insure comfort, appreciation, and love to family and friends in our home.Photobucket
Lighting makes all the difference in the creating an inviting space. Even in the daytime you should allow sunlight into the room, even if it is filtered. Natural, as well as lamplight and candles, offer a sense of well- being and peace to a room.
Displaying family treasures not only personalizes a space but also showcases individual interests and values.
This curio cabinet houses a collection of castles which demonstrate my interest in all things medieval.
I look forward to adding more in the coming days!

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  1. Your home looks like a darling Inn one would want to stay at:-)


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