Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Timely Prayer Concerns

I urge everyone who reads this blog to visit Joel Rosenberg's Epicenter site and read his Flash Traffic update today. I join with him in congratulating President Elect Obama and will be praying for him and our nation everyday. However... there are very serious concerns we must also pray about as stated in Joel's newsletter pertaining to a shift in the Middle East that has dire ramifications to us.
Sign up for his Flash traffic Updates here. Also, seen here.These timely, informative newsletters really help to focus our prayerlife. I have not read Rosenberg's book, Epicenter, but understand it is a powerful read. He certainly does have a heart beating for the Middle East.
Biblically, we know we must as a nation stand beside Israel. God would Not have the apple of His eye give up any more land to another group. Please continue to pray fervently for Israel and that our nation will continue to stand beside her.

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  1. Thank you for those links! I subscribed to the web page in my Google Reader, and am off to subscribe to the flash updates.


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