Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Join Iris here to join in Thankful Thursday!
Iris reminded us of Psalm 100 and I continue to pick up with verse 5 which says, "For the Lord is good, and his love endures forever: his faithfulness continues through all generations."
That verse really resonates with me this morning after this roller coaster of an election. Through the past two years I have learned one very important and troubling fact. I have absolutely no trust or faith in my government. There has been the revelation of greed, corruption, deception, and it seems that even the desire for truth, decency, and honor doesn't exist. As a Virginia History teacher I mourn over this loss. I am glad to be retired now, for it would pain me to be teaching young minds the greatness of our Founding Fathers in contrast with the examples that are set before us today. I agree with a friend who commented on a post yesterday that she "feels like she is living in a foreign land", and she went on to say "which is really true because our citizenship is in heaven." We are just passing through- our Lord is our true governing body. His goodness and faithfulness will never let us down. He is dependable, He is righteous, He is our example, our leader, our Commander in Chief, our mighty warrior, our help in need, our deliverer, our Rock, our fortress. In Him we have everything we need! Praise the Lord!


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