Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories 2008

Yesterday dawned clear the promise of a mild day hung in the air. Stoves across the valley were turning out delicious corn pudding, dressing, gravy, savory carrots, and mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce to tote up the mountain to combine with the delicious fare being prepared at Amanda's house. And then we were on our way!
The mountain vistas were beautiful on this Thanksgiving DayPhotobucket was we sang "Over the River and Through the Woods to Amanda's home we go!! Photobucket
Finally we were driving right past Lane Stadium, and we knew we were nearly there. PhotobucketPhotobucketThe aromas permeating the car plus the rich savories we encountered upon entering their home more and told us we were ready to partake of another feast.
How precious to see Amanda share God's Word before the prayer as she read Psalm 100.
Joshua prayed the prayer of Thanksgiving and then he started carving the bird!
Oh my, no room for turkey. Photobucket
Amanda is such a fabulous cook. She researched all about it and brined her turkey! She prepared a delectable baked squash and leek side dish along with Alton Brown's Best Green Bean Casserole Ever made completely from scratch with fresh beans and mushrooms. She topped off the feast with delicious homemade pumpkin pie! YUMYUM!!
PS: For those who follow who know and love Amanda, she did this following 3 hours of sleep as she took a break from finishing her master's thesis. But I do believe as of this moment (9:15 Friday morning) it is finished and in her prof's email inbox as I type! Praise God!!!

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  1. The food looks delicious. You must be terribly proud of your accomplished and beautiful daughter!


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