Friday, November 7, 2008

Two for One, Friday

Katy Lin,of The Great Adventure, hosts this theme every Friday. She has a listing of others who are praising their hubby today.Isn't it great to have computer savvy husbands. I love my computer and it is great to be able to carry it around the places we travel. But if it always depended on me to set it up with all the varying hookup setups, I'd still be sitting here trying to figure what is what!Photobucket
Lynn just zips and zaps and it's done!
Another thing, I drive over to the traffic control center to pick him up for lunch each day since we've been here and we go out to grab a quick bite. We've done the new Chinese restaurant and Cracker Barrel, but yesterday he actually said, "let's check out the new Panera"- one of my favorite places. This is quite a concession for him. It's just not a man kind of place in his estimation!
Photobucket I mean what's not to LOVE about Panera!
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Anyway, I thought that was really sweet!

Deborah, of Pictures, Pots, Pens, hosts this fun meme on Fridays and so this was my latest photo of Lynn. I caught him coming back to the hotel from the nearby Cracker Barrel this morning.
Wouldn't you know this, our last day in Richmond, is dawning clear as a bell, promising to be a glorious day!!
Photobucket Last night we enjoyed our Cracker Barrel dinner. Photobucket It is really great sharing a parking lot with such a favored place to dine! The trees around here have been so beautiful. There is nothing finer than an autumn crepe myrtle!PhotobucketPhotobucket Even the ground looks like a spilled pot of gold!Photobucket But, alas, in the days we've been here the trees have just about last all their leaves!Photobucket

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